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Holiday Cards! I'm Getting It Right This Time [Dec. 18th, 2011|11:09 am]
Seth Green is My Co-Pilot
Between university (yes, I went back after 20 years) and work, I have neglected LJ and all social media except Twitter. To make up for it, I'm offering holiday cards. Again.

Tired of opening your mailbox to find bills and junk mail? Need a laugh?
Lost your will to live? Then you must send me your snail mail address
and card preferences now! I inherited a Big Box O'Cards and feel the
need to mail them out this holiday.  Everything must go!

Categories include:
Scottish Terriers
Sick and Twisted
Boynton (Cute and Funny)
I Love You, Jesus
Cute Forest Animals
Realist Forest Animals
Shiny Poinsettia
Have a Purple Christmas
Psuedo-Victorian Chick Who Kind Of Looks Like Inara From Firefly If You Squint Hard And Take Off Your Glasses
Firefighter Kitsch
Mary Engelbreit

You don't have to limit yourself to one category.  I am willing to
send you more than one card. I have a roll of stamps and time on my

Don't know me?  I don't care! 

Act now as
supplies are limited! Send your address to eccentrici at aol dot com
(fix the address, duh).  Rest assured that I will not share your
address with others or show up on your front porch drunk and wielding a
spatula (unless you are into that).